STEM Elevated™ is a space where your children are encouraged to discover and develop their love of learning through STEM, (science, technology, engineering & math)

Our classes operate as a laboratory, providing an opportunity for experimentation, observation and participation in a hands-on and meaningful way.

Kids don’t all learn in the same way.  With that in mind, we offer experiences for your child where different learning styles are welcome and accommodated, fails are embraced as learning opportunities and natural curiosity can be developed into learning skills.

All STEM Elevated™ classes are designed to promote a personal passion for learning with an interactive and immersive approach so your child can discover that sweet taste of success that will last a lifetime!



There is no denying that school looks and feels different and I would like to mitigate the uncertainty that comes with this by providing a unique, fun and creative space where your kids can blow off some steam at the end of the day!  


Although my lessons will be meeting Utah's SEED Standards (Science with Engineering Education) and will equip your kids with the necessary skills to navigate our modern world, it will never seem like work.  Instead, your children will learn through discovering, investigating, questioning and creating in each and of every lesson.

Siblings and interest levels can be accommodated in different grades 

(within reason), contact me to discuss options that will suit your needs.


You’ve made the difficult choice to keep your child at home during this time and I would like to help ensure the academic success of your children!  ​My lessons will be encapsulated within a monthly theme, focused on incorporating the SEED standards for Science in a fun and out-the-box way!  

STEM skills are so incredibly important for success in our modern world, not least of which is the ability to work well with others and knowing that socialization is a concern for many of you during this time, my priority would be to allow relationships to bloom in a safe and sanitary environment.


We have so many exciting opportunities on offer at STEM Elevated.  

From Camps during school breaks, Kids' Night Out every month and incredible Birthday Party Packages - there is something to suite all of your needs!

Contact us directly if you would like more information on any of our specialty services.

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